About the Author

Renata Brodie lives in Bear, Delaware with her husband Keone and their two children. She wrote her first book at the age of 11 and has been writing ever since. Renata attributes her love of writing to a vivid imagination and gleans her inspiration from her teenage children and their friends.

My name is Renata Brown to people I grew up with and Renata Brodie to everyone else. I am a native of Delaware and have been fortunate enough to have lived in all three counties. I have been writing books since I was eleven and gather most of my inspiration from my surrounds and people that I am lucky enough to cross paths with. Currently I am inspired by close friends and family. 

I grew up in Laurel Delaware where I graduated from Laurel High School. While in Middle school I wrote my first book about a girl named Randy. I followed that book up with a sequel and several other short stories and bunch of poems. I went on to major in Journalism at Delaware State and also served as Copy Editor of The Hornet Newspaper and graduated with BA.

After graduation I moved away from writing and entered corporate America taking my degree to Kmart where I became an assistant manager in the fashion department, yes Kmart has a fashion department, or they did twenty years ago! During that time I relocated to Wilmington Delaware and after several years I was laid off but did not leave Kmart empty handed.

I met my husband Keone Brodie in 1993 and decided to stay home and start a family. We had our daughter Shaquese in 1994 and our son Anphernee in 1996. In 1998 I went back to cooperate America selling real estate for Century 21 and after eight years before that market crashed commuted to Dover to work at Bank of America and currently work there today.

With books like Twilight and my personal favorite Harry Potter in books stores rekindled my interest in writing again and after several attempts developed the Mona Chronicles with Sam, Lisa, Mona and Desi. The story is based in Delaware and the characters are from interesting people that I have encountered in my life. The story is important to me because the mixture of characters and there backgrounds. It was very important to me that we have a hero who is not only female also that isn't labeled by her ethnicity. Hunt to Teen is the first book in this trilogy and acts as the anchor for the other two books to be released soon!

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