Just for Fun: The Meaning of Mona

The name Mona in Arabic means wishes, in Gaelic it means little noble one and in Greek it mean solitary one. The name is very popular in northern Europe and is interpreted as a diminutive of Monika or rarely of Ramona or Simona. 

It is sometimes associated with the title of Leonardo da Vinci's painting Mona Lisa, although in that context the word Mona is actually a title rather than a name. The word mona also means cutemonkey and doll in Spanish. In Sweden, Mona's name day is May 4.

Famous Mona's:

§  Mona von Bismarck (1897–1983) American socialite fashion icon

§  Mona Charen, political columnist

§  Mona Ghoneim (born 1955), Egyptian composer

§  Mona Grudt (born 1971), former Miss Universe from Norway

§  Mona Hatoum (born 1952), British artist of Palestinian origin

§  Mona Hofland (born 1929), Norwegian actress

§  Mona Mahmudnizhad (born 1965), Iranian woman executed for membership of the Bahá'í Faith

§  Mona Marshall (born 1947), American voice actress

§  Mona Sahlin (born 1957), Swedish politician

§  Mona Siddiqui (born 1963), British Muslim academic

§  Mona Simpson (born 1957), American novelist

§  And last but not least, Mona Lisa Flynn my favorite aunt! Does that name sound familiar?