Renata’s Recommended Reading

I read everything! I love to read. I spend at least 15$ weekly for my favorite magazines (Why I don't subscribe I don't know!).

I also have an e reader that I like to use. I am currently reading a Sherlock Holmes book not done by Sir Conan Doyle and it is to early to advise you if it is good or not. I will have a review for you when I am done.

My favorite books of all time:

  1. Harry Potter Series- J K Rowling is a GODDESS to me! She can do no wrong with a pin, pencil, lap top ect. The world of Harry Potter is so well done and thought out that if I read this when I was 10 I would be looking for my owl letter when I turned 11!
  2. The Outsiders by S E Hinton, this book inspired me to write. All the characters were in perfect balance and when Johnny wrote "Stay golden Ponyboy," I cried like a baby! No book has done that to me ever! 
  3. Anything Jackie Collins writes about Lucky Santangelo is awesome. Yes I admit it, I do like some trashy romantic novels but I think I am drawn to Lucky because she is a strong self made women that handles her business anyway she has to. Love her!
  4. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Twilight Series. I loved the love story between Edward and Bella and it took me back to being a teenager again. And for the record I am Team Edward! 

Renata Brodie