The Characters

Samona White

Sam as she is known as is a fifteen year old teenager. She has been home schooled since birth and her only interaction is with her family.  Sam doesn't have friends and doesn't feel the need for them.  She doesn't feel she needs friends. She doesn't like to talk on the phone or text. She doesn't go to movies, doesn't like to go shopping or even care who Rob Pattinson or Justin Bieber are. She was perfectly fine with her existence.  It is her and her family and that was all she needed. That and her work with the family business.  Professional Monster Killers would be the job description as it had been for the last five centuries. It was a thankless job with no pay or recognition.  No one knew the family secret and it was their job to keep it that way. 

Desdamona White  

Desi as she is know is a nineteen year old college Sophomore. Desi like Sam has been home schooled and has also had limited interaction outside of her family. Desi believes in their cause and is a die hard hunter. She is no nonsense and she doesn't play well with other's. She goes to class and goes on missions. As long as she is killing something her life was complete.  Their family has evolved and elevated to the point where all those things were no longer necessary. It is all about the mission and all she cares about.

Mona Lisa White  

Lisa is Sam and Desi's mom. She stays with the girls and tries to make sure that they are prepared for everything and trained to take over the hunt when she no longer can. She is the perfect weapon and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the family business. Lisa is what you would call the enforcer of the group and punches first and asks questions later. Much later. She has no time for anyone or anything that did not help her accomplish her goal. Taking out as much evil from this world as she can. Her motto is to get it before it got her or anyone else.

Ramona White  

Mona is Lisa's older sister and aunt to Sam and Desi. Mona is the ying to Mona's yang. She is a college professor and the calm one of the group. Mona keeps the peace and tries to help the girls learn more then just how to fight. She knows that what they do is important but knows that they need more in their lives but the kill. Mona is an advocate for changing the family dynamic but knows that they have been charged with a important job to do.

Meet the Mona's.   Each one very much a like and very much different. One wants to rid the world of all evil. One wants to live in a world where she can so want she wants whenever she wants. One wants to make the world a better place for everyone and one does not know what she wants but finds out in the first part of this trilogy. Watch Sam grow from naive teen to furious family protector. The Mona Chronicles, read how the Mona's save the world….