The Mona Chronicles

Sam was a 15 year old girl that was just like any other teen ager in the fact that she has girl friends and a boyfriend.  The only difference between her and a regular teen was the fact that she belonged to an ancient family of super women who for 5 centuries have been charged to rid the world of as much evil as possible. The Mona’s because of an ancient promise have been hunting evil all their lives. Only girls have been born in the family in all these years and been trained since birth to fight everything from shape shifters and gremlins. There were four Mona’s in this family. The first was Mona Lisa, she was Sam’s mother and the family called her Lisa. She ran the family with her older sister Ramona who they called Mona. Lisa had two daughters. Her oldest was named Desdemona and she was 19 and her youngest was Samona. They were called Desi and Sam.

The two older sisters after the death of their mother moved from Laurel Delaware to Bear Delaware where Mona was a full time professor at a local college in New Castle and Lisa stayed home with the girls that were home schooled. Desi currently attended the same college her aunt taught at and Sam was still schooled at home by both adults. Both girls were used to this sheltered life. Since they moved in shadow and that hunting was not a 9 to 5 job it was easier to stay isolated and sheltered from the world. Important things to them were fighting techniques, monster research and their locations. That was until about four months ago. That was the time Sam met and fell for regular guy Criss Scott who was the local paper boy and has been crushing on Sam since the first time he saw her. Now not only did Sam have a boyfriend she had all that came with it. Through her connection with Criss, Sam now has girl friends, goes to slumber parties and does other teen aged activities. Something none of the Mona’s have ever dealt with before. Now everyone in the family has to deal with this budding romance.

Important Announcements