From Hunt to Teen

Samona is not your typical fifteen-year old. While other teens are doing homework and hanging at the mall, she is learning new battle techniques, attack plans, and how to make her next kill. Because of an ancient promise, her family has been charged to rid the world of as much evil as possible.

Despite her focus on conquering the evils around her, Criss, the handsome newspaper delivery boy, catches her eye, leaving her thinking of nothing other than his long, jet-black hair. Before she knows it, she's thrown into a whole new world of teenagers, parties, gossiping girls, and dates to the movies. If this is what being a normal teen is like, Sam has been missing out!

But she can't be a normal teen for very long, because those pesky monsters do exist, and Sam and her family of super women have been fighting them off for over five centuries. Now she faces even bigger challenges with the addition of her new friends and a boy who actually likes her. How will she be able to manage a normal life and still battle secret beasts?

Follow Sam on her quest to save the world from evil forces while juggling being a typical teenaged girl and trying to figure out how important her destiny is to her family, friends, and the world in The Mona Chronicles.

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I loved the book!  I loved how you described the characters with so much detail!  By the end I felt like I knew them!             – Kristyn V.
It was so addictive!  I love how I had an idea how it was going to end but you put a little twist on it. Unexpected and kept the close of the book so interesting!   – Dawn B.
I just finished the book. I loved it. My daughter is going to read it now. Can't wait for the next one to see what happens so get moving on it. Lol   – Marti K.
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There I was: running again, why was I always running? I mean really! The darkness enveloped me like a thick fog as I pushed though it. It was hazy and hot for a fall evening. The only sound I heard was my breathing and my shoes sloshing through the mud. I felt the mud squeezing in through the sides of my sneakers—ruining them—great. But I had no time to worry about that; I had to keep my pace. I could not see two feet in front of me, and I was now headed into the woods. I found a trail and started swatting branches out of my face. This area was not familiar to me, so not only was I running blind in the dark, I wouldn’t have known where I was going in broad daylight. I fell down an embankment and rolled off the path. I lay on the ground as still as I could. I decided to lie there not only to catch my breath but also to get my bearings. My pursuer was very skilled, very cunning. It was confused because the trail ended there, but it was too stupid totake in different scenarios. It would have continued to move forward, assuming that was the way prey would go. As it passed me, I smiled as I realized that the hunter was now the hunted.

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